Date: Tue, 14 Mar 1995 22:20:49 EST From: Larry Horn Subject: Re: Sam Hill >Question 1) What does the reference to eyes mean in "Damn your eyes?" I think I know what the reference means, but as to why "eyes" in particular I don't know. It strikes me as a standard 19th century insult, though. >Question 2) What can be said of the distribution and the identity of the >speakers who say "I don't know from [subject category]," as in "I know >about loose meat but I don't know from barbeque." [this form was >recently used in a posting here] I think I was the user, although not in connection with that thread. I've always assumed it's an instance of Yinglish as spoken in New York, or at least that's the stereotype. Whether it's restricted to Jewish and/or New York dialects I don't know. But this seemed to be a good list to use it on. Larry