Date: Tue, 14 Mar 1995 15:06:34 -0500 From: "Peter L. Patrick" Subject: Re: language and society text Ralph Fasold's address here is fasold[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE], or Linguistics Dept., Georgetown University, Washington DC 20057-1068. The questions mentioned are actually included in the first book, but not in the second (1990). I've used both volumes in grad and undergrad courses-- much to Ralph's embarrassment, but they are extremely useful-- and find them a nice pair for a grad survey, and rather too much depth for an undergrad one, though I still use selected chapters to supplement other texts such as Wardhaugh (not that I'm happy with any of the texts for undergrads yet). I just got a new flyer for Wayne Glowka's and Don Lance's "Language Variation in N. American english" from the MLA with a sale price for MLA or LSA members of $15.80. Meant to buy it before, certainly will now. Who's used this, for what classes, and how has it worked out? Looks excellent too! [but why don't ADS members get a discount?!] --plp