Date: Mon, 13 Mar 1995 12:39:54 -0800 From: Arnold Zwicky Subject: Re: Has Went Down surely the coincidence of the past participle and past tense in many nonstandard varieties of english is well known? the identity of these forms is the default in standard varieties (it applies for all regular verbs, as in JUMPED, and in a fair number of irregular verbs as well, as in THOUGHT) and has been extended to more verbs in nonstandard varieties, including some for which only BE distinguishes the forms. the extension is usually by spreading the past form - I'VE RODE THAT HORSE, THE LETTER WAS ALREADY WROTE, THEY HAVE WENT ALREADY - but for a few verbs by spreading the past participle form - I DONE IT YESTERDAY, WE SEEN THEM TOO. in central ohio, at least, it is easy to find people, including young people, with the regularization extended to all verbs but BE. in one of the more entertaining faculty meetings the ohio state linguistics department has had in recent years, the college director of computer services (a man of about 30, in his business suit) explained the college's plans in his area. he was probably puzzled at the way we all suddenly evinced interest at odd moments, and took brief notes then. we were all fascinated by his past participles! the teenaged son of one of my osu colleagues used the regularized forms in conversation, apparently without exception, but used the standard forms in writing, also apparently without exception. when questioned, he explained that it would be just as wrong to *say* I'VE GONE THERE ALREADY as it would be to *write* I'VE WENT THERE ALREADY. he didn't understand why everybody didn't understand that. arnold zwicky (zwicky[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]