Date: Mon, 13 Mar 1995 12:34:25 -0500 From: Mark S Kuhn Subject: Re: Sam Hill Do not confuse Samuel Hall or Sam Hill with the IWW songwriter and organizer Joe Hill. Joe Hill was executed in Utah for his organizing efforts on trumped up charges in 1915 or 1916. Mark Kuhn Univ. of New Hampshire On Mon, 13 Mar 1995, elliot mcintire wrote: > > Samuel Hall was an organizer/activist for the International Worker's of > the World (IWW)(Wobblies) who was hanged for murder in Utah early in the > century. Most feel that the evidence was very weak.So it's an old American > labor song. BTW, Wallace Stegner did a nice biography of Hall, which is > somewhere on my shelves. If I could located I would be more exact in my > comments. > > Elliot McIntire > emcintire[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] >