Date: Sat, 11 Mar 1995 14:11:22 -0500 From: Barbara Abbott Subject: Re: Salty dog? >Welcome back. Hope you have nice tans, some interesting pottery or rugs, and >a worthwhile inch or two on your waistlines. Do you happen to have any inside >information or plausible theories on "salty dog" for Wayles Browne & Co.? >And aren't you impressed that Wayne Glowka (a regular on the ads list) is >familiar with ol' Charlie Poole? Anyway, "salty dog" strikes me as a more >worthwhile project than most of what's queried on the net... L. Hi. What Glowka says sounds good. I don't know specifically what a salty dog is -- I just assumed it had something to do with sex. (I do know what 'doggy style' means, but probably so does everybody else. Even Wayles Brown.) We had a good trip, but now we're back and there's such a pile of stuff to do. We're all gearing up for the big Chomsky visit, and here among my pile of 78 e-mail messages is one from Jim Zacks (organizer) asking if I'll introduce Chomsky for his linguistics presentation and be the moderator. Gulp. Any ideas for a clever introduction? We never got to Santa Fe, after all that. I left a phone message on Ken and J's phone machine explaining that we'd run out of time. Also he sent us a list of places to eat in Las Cruces, but they were all closed or otherwise unfindable. (We wound up at Si Senor -- an o.k. chain.) Actually all in all the food wasn't any better than we get here at El Azteco, I didn't think. But it was fun. We brought back a rug for Larry's son Chris and girlfriend Laura (who incidentally have produced a granddaughter -- that happened right before we left. I hope this one doesn't die like the last grandchild did).