Date: Fri, 10 Mar 1995 00:31:28 CST From: "Krahn, Al" Subject: Loose meat and Maderights My wife, who is the authority on such things, says she ate at a MadeRight (or is it MaidRight or whatever?) in Mason City, Iowa about three years ago so they are still around. She couldn't elaborate on what it consisted of, however. The place was around South Federal at 14th. Maybe somebody over there is awake and can go over and see what they are serving. Loose meat: The only loose meat we have in Milwaukee is around our belt lines from eating all that sausage and drinking all that beer. Sometimes that loose meat is known as a beer belly. Sloppy Joes have been around here a long time in the form described by many so far: ground meat with some kind of tomato sauce on a hamburger bun. AKRA Albert E. Krahn E-Mail AKRA[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]MUSIC.LIB.MATC.EDU Div. of Liberal Arts and Sciences Fax 414/297-7990 Milwaukee Area Technical College Ph (H) 414/476-4025 Milwaukee, WI 53233-1443 Ph (W) 414/297-6519