Date: Thu, 9 Mar 1995 23:11:02 EST From: BERGDAHL[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]OUVAXA.CATS.OHIOU.EDU Subject: Re: suite /sut/ From: NAME: David Bergdahl FUNC: English TEL: (614) 593-2783 To: MX%"ADS-L[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]"[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]MRGATE[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]OUVAX on "suite" as /sut/: in the '70s a local furniture store [there are no longer any in town] advertised bedroom suits on the radio. At the time I cautioned students who jerred by refering them to the dictionary which gave it as an alternate pronunciation for suite when referring to furniture. Let's not be too quick to jeer! David Bergdahl Ohio University/Athens "between the Midwest and Appalachia"PF