Date: Tue, 7 Mar 1995 14:05:43 -0500 From: Mark S Kuhn Subject: Re: VBE and 60 Minutes I would appreciate a response to this inquiry. This past Sunday, 60 Minutes, the TV news program, contained a piece on Vernacular Black English and educational efforts that address VBE. While the segment contained a range of provocative perspectives on VBE, one person interviewed in the segment made a claim I had not heard or read before. Norma LaMoyne (sic?), an educator, claims that the simplification of consonant clusters such as "tests" to "tes" by VBE speakers is a direct influence of a Nigerian tribal language. Students in my class who had seen the program asked me about the claim, since I had mentioned the example as one which is an example of pressures toward "naturalness" (an example from Wolfram's Dialects...text) in some vernacular speech. VBE is not my area, so I would appreciate feedback from you all. Mark Kuhn Communication Department University of New Hampshire