Date: Tue, 7 Mar 1995 09:03:03 -0800 From: Peter McGraw Subject: Loose meats, etc. May I restore a thread that I hoped might be starting but seems to have been dropped? So far everyone seems to agree that "sloppy Joe" refers to a sandwich made with ground beef in a chili-like sauce. (In my experience, always between hamburger buns.) This is also what I have found associated with the word everywhere east of the Mississippi. When I was growing up, however, there was a restaurant in Salem, Oregon, that called itself "Oregon's Home of Sloppy Joe," whose specialty was a very large sandwich made with many layers of thinly sliced ham and Swiss cheese on rye, I think with thousand island dressing. I don't remember running across any sandwich called a "sloppy Joe" anywhere else in Oregon or in the West, for that matter, though I wasn't particularly looking for one. Has anybody else run into other regional variations on this item (if indeed that's what this was)? Peter McGraw Linfield College McMinnville, OR