Date: Mon, 6 Mar 1995 05:21:00 EDT From: "David A. Johns" Subject: Re: AWFUL OFFAL # I was browsing a book for reading teachers the other day and it # contained a list of homophones. Among them was the set of words # "awful" and "offal." # # I was just wondering if these are homophones for anyone else # besides the folks in Englewood Cliffs NJ. # # The thought of these being homophones to me is just awful. They're homophones for me (grew up in western Massachusetts). Both have [O]. In fact, all the words spelled with _off_ have [O] rather than [a]: _off_, _office_, _offense_ (sports), _offer_, etc. I only get [af] in words with foreign spelling, like _mafia_ or in abbreviations like _prof_. David Johns