Date: Thu, 31 Mar 1994 11:25:23 -0500 From: 00v0horvath[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]BSUVAX1.BITNET Subject: hypercorrection Dear ADS-L-ers: I am trying to compile a list of "hypercorrect" errors in written American English. Here are some points on which I could use your help: 1) Can you direct me to any studies on hypercorrection in written usage? 2) Would you consider the following sentences hypercorrect? (Which, if any, are the ones that would not qualify and why?) Everybody knows Nancy and I. This sugar substitute has fewer aftertaste than the other one. They rent the car to whomever needs it. Between you and I, that movie was very bad. Team's of doctors are trying to predict who might be most harmed by cholesterol. 3) (this is the funniest part of my query, I guess) Could you give any additional examples of hypercorrection in *written* English usage? Thanks in advance. Vera Horvath