Date: Mon, 28 Mar 1994 15:37:51 -0500 From: Ellen Johnson Subject: Clinton's speech I have promised to respond tomorrow to an AP reporter who's working on a story about the president's speech. He's faxed me a list of phrases he's collected and would like to know their origin, meaning, and what the usage says about the speaker. Also he'd welcome comparisons to past presidents and general reactions to Clinton's lang. use. What say ye? Phrases: I'd JUMP ON this like FLIES ON A JUNEBUG don't have to be as bright as a TREE FULL OF OWLS to figure out... [good intentions, but] THERE ARE A LOT OF SLIPS BTW THE CUP AND THE LIP [in diplomacy] THE DEVIL'S IN THE DETAILS still be in Wash. THROWING MUD BALLS AT EACH OTHER they're in a REAL PICKLE THAT'S THE RUB [=problem] GOBBLYGOOK language Euphemisms: don't give a rip don't give a lick out the wazoo load of hooey bunch of bull Anyone have comments on these or care to cite others? Does anyone know the exact wording of a sentence like "They went to dinner with Hillary and I a few times". I recall the hypercorrection involved Hillary but I don't recall the rest of the context. The reporter thinks "out the wazoo" is a "generational thing", but I'm not so sure. Ellen Johnson ellenj[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]