Date: Mon, 28 Mar 1994 10:18:48 -0800 From: Roger Vanderveen Subject: Re: Wisconsin accent Thanks to David Johns for a good account of non-English influence. Please, though, let's don't use the term "General American." I like better Raven McDavid's acronym, SWINE, for "STandard White Inland Northern English." It IS a regional dialect, promoted by John Kenyon as GA, which he later admitted was the pronunciation of the Cleveland area (obviously he meant white niddle-class Cleveland.) If this is meant to be a politically-correct joke, then I am surprised that no one bothered to find a way to insert an abbreviation for the word "male" in the acronym. If it's not, then I think it's one of the most stupid, most un-professional terms ever invented. =============================================================================== Roger Vanderveen Intel Corporation Hillsboro, OR Take me down to Jones's farm ===============================================================================