Date: Thu, 24 Mar 1994 10:58:05 -0500 From: Ellen Johnson Subject: Re: for the record On Wed, 23 Mar 1994, Donald M. Lance wrote: If one > wants to be upper-class General American, one does not have a strong Southern > accent. Certain New England accents will do, but Mississippi, no. Kokie's > Although congressional representatives are way up there on the social class scale (since you have to be pretty wealthy to run for office), they are under pressure, instead, to maintain strong regional dialects so that their constituents will think they identify with them and they can get re-elected. Doonesbury had a great strip once on Al Gore switching between East Tennessee twang in one campaign setting and harvardese in another. When I was in Chile, I recommended C-SPAN to the EFL teachers I had in my classes as a way to improve listening comprehension for American English. (Yes, they have it there on cable.) Ellen Johnson ellenj[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]