Date: Wed, 23 Mar 1994 13:12:48 -0500 From: Martha Howard Subject: Bounced messaged I too have joined the elite group of "those who have been bounced." Glad to know it is not just my own stupidity. Her goes again. In working a crossword recently, I came across the following clue "homophone for 'air'." A three letter word was indicated. It worked out to be "ire." Any educated guesses as to the dialect region to which the puzzle maker belongs? I have heard 'ire' pronounced to rhyme with 'far'. but I don' recall hearing it asrhyming with 'hay'. In my dialect, air rhymes with where, hair, there, etc. Of course, my dialect is *not* homogenous. Marckwardt once described it as polyglot: playground terms from Chicago (lived there from birth to seven years of age), farm terms from the Ozarks (lived on a farm in or outside of Hollister, Mo--2 miles south of Branson--from nine to thirteen), everything else Michigan (13-28). Now, after 44 years in northern West Virginia, who knows what I sound Like! Not Walter Brennan, I assusre you!