Date: Wed, 23 Mar 1994 11:53:18 CDT From: Randy Roberts Subject: March Madness Text item: Text_1 Recently a query came my way about the origin/earliest usage of "March Madness" to refer to the NCAA basketball tournament. I have found one 1982 newspaper citation in the Peter Tamony Collection which uses it in this sentence: "Because what was once March Madness, the NCAA basketball tournament, has been replaced by Free Throw Fever." I also found one use of the phrase from the 1963 London Times in the Clarence Barnhart/Scott-Foresman Collection. "Now, I think it would be mid-summer or March madness for anyone to oppose collective security." Does anyone have some information or earlier examples of March Madness in the basketball sense? Can anyone tell me if March madness is a Briticism or offer other insights? I believe I've checked the relevant published sources. Randy Roberts, Univ. of Missouri-Columbia robertsr[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]