Date: Wed, 16 Mar 1994 00:42:01 -0500 From: "Gregory J. Pulliam" Subject: French linguistic legislation Regarding Mike Picone's point about the French perception that their ways of thinking may be losing ground to anglo-style ways, well all I can say is good riddance! ;-> Their condescending attitude toward tourists who try to use French but screw it up seems to be unique in the world, and probably accounts in large part for the ascendancy of English and Spanish, whose speakers seem to think in ways that are much are accepting and encouraging. One of the in-jokes on the new Star Trek series is that French is a dead language in the 24th century. In all seriousness, it does seem to me that if the French academy continues to prescribe usage, the official and vernacular versions of the language are bound to diverge ever more greatly, which could make official French a modern-day Latin. GPulliam humpulliam[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]