Date: Tue, 15 Mar 1994 00:28:31 CST From: "Donald M. Lance" Subject: Re: Conscious Learning of Accent David Bergdahl's comment about German -------------------- When I was in Germany in 1978-79 and trying to develop some fluency in that language I would often get interference from vague memories of Old English forms, never from my "other" language. But when I tried to speak Spanish in Germany I'd have awkward interference from my weak German. It felt as if I didn't have full control over what part of the brain I needed to access. I spent a couple of weeks in Spain, where my Spanish fluency returned. In Barcelona I had occasion to use German as well as Spanish and and English. That brief experience separated the langauges for me and I had much less trouble thereafter, though it was much harder to speak Spanish in Germany than in Spain. Several times Spaniards asked me "Es usted Americano?" My response was, "Si, soy tejano; hablo mejicano." That satisfied them. I was never really sure whether they heard some gringuismo in my phonology or whether they primarily noticed that it wasn't castellano. DMLance