End of ADS-L Digest - 12 Mar 1994 to 13 Mar 1994 ************************************************ There are 8 messages totalling 165 lines in this issue. Topics of the day: 1. Adam's Off Ox 2. Nominative Us 3. Conscious Learning of Accent (5) 4. Actors & Accent ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Mon, 14 Mar 1994 08:05:33 -0600 From: Larry Davis Subject: Adam's Off Ox Mathews's DICTIONARY OF AMERICANISMS (p. 1148) does list ADAM'S OFF OX as the following: "a stubborn, clumsy, unmanageable person, _colloq_." The quotations are as follows: "1848 Lowell BIGELOW P. I Ser. 90 Ezto the answerin' o' questions, I'm an off ox at bein' druv. 1903 D.N. II 352 off ox, n. One who is usually on the opposite side of a popular movement."