Date: Sun, 13 Mar 1994 17:03:57 CST From: salikoko mufwene Subject: Re: Actors & Accent In Message Sun, 13 Mar 1994 14:43:08 -0600, mftcf[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] writes: >Have any of you who are >speakers or students of VBE or similar southern lects ever seen or heard >an actual attestation of nominal "us"? I f you have, are the only >exampes you know from Gullah speakers (or Carribean creoles), or is it more >widespread? In the U.S.? In 1989 I was presenting a paper on personal pronouns in creoles and claimed that Gullah does not use "us" in the subject/nominative function. Two people in the audience, one of whom was William Stewart, the other was Anette Kashif (then at Howard), claimed they have heard or read it. I haven't come across it yet. Personal pronouns are even more invariant in Caribbean English creoles. I don't think "us" alternates with "we" in them, but I am ready for more surprises, for which I'll be grateful. Sali. Salikoko S. Mufwene Linguistics, U. of Chicago s-mufwene[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] 312-702-8531