Date: Sat, 5 Mar 1994 22:36:22 +0500 From: Robert Howren Subject: Re: /lIngwIstIks/ On Sat, 5 Mar 1994 mftcf[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]UXA.ECN.BGU.EDU wrote: > I say /lI/ before the velar nasal. Years ago I used to fight with > students who transcribed /i/ instead of /i/ in -ing constructions. > They insisted they said /i/. > > Tim Frazer _________________ And probably did. Mine do. --Bob =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Robert Howren Dept. of Linguistics howren[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3155 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=