Date: Sat, 5 Mar 1994 15:29:07 -0600 From: Natalie Maynor Subject: Re: Epiphany on the Tennis Court > Happens to me every time I teach phonemic transcription, and play-act > at producing [tEn] for the benefit of my class. It is an insidious thing. I have a very hard time coming out with that [E] when trying to explain to my students that some people make a distinction between "ten" and "tin." Usually I can find a yankee in the class to demonstrate it for them. > as necessarily /aen/. Sometimes after a bout of phonemic transcription, > I even start restoring the long-lost /h/ before /w/! Interesting. I've never lost that [h]. It took me forever to catch on to a sign in a shop window one time that I knew must be some kind of a pun that I wasn't catching. I can't remember now what it said except that the first "word" in it was the letter Y. I stared and stared and finally realized that it was supposed to stand for "why." The pun didn't work for me. --Natalie (maynor[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]