End of ADS-L Digest - 3 Mar 1994 to 4 Mar 1994 ********************************************** There are 25 messages totalling 430 lines in this issue. Topics of the day: 1. local locality pronunciation (6) 2. /lIngwIstIks/ (8) 3. Epiphany on the Tennis Court (5) 4. y'all singular attested in Louisiana (2) 5. COOL /u/ or /y/ (2) 6. I and E 7. Sluff/Slough ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Fri, 4 Mar 1994 23:11:20 CST From: "Donald M. Lance" Subject: Re: local locality pronunciation Re Dennis Preston's query about the vowel in the first syllable in 'linguistics'. My students are divided in their use of [I] and [i] in transcriptions of their own speech, and the transcription matches the way I hear their vowels. I haven't managed to make myself make time to see how these vowels correlate with presence or absence of [g] in this word, but no motivation for such a count has popped off the homework pages as I've checked their transcriptions. DMLance