Date: Thu, 3 Mar 1994 07:42:03 EST From: Wayne Glowka Subject: Re: attitude & prescription:CORRECTION--Sorry PLEASE NOTE TRANSCRIPTION CORRECTION BELOW. >>Re Tim Frazer's query about singers and the national anthem. >> >>Do we have American stage speech? Is it just a matter of drama coaches >>telling actors to enunciate /t/ etc., or is there a lectal dimension that >>has some systematic features? These may be rhetorical questions. >> DMLance > > >Anecdotal Observation from Wayne Glowka: I have been in a number of >plays--all with the same director. My problems with pronunciation came not >from the director, but from the music director. Again, I always had to >deal with the same one, but she had a thing about reduced vowels. My /[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]/ >(schwa) had to be replaced with her /E/ (open e). I kept my mouth shut >about variation. Music directors don't negotiate. > >I was once a phonetics consultant for _My Fair Lady_. I brought in a >Trudgill tape and handouts for RP and Cockney. One gentleman in the >cast--with a very loud voice--refused to follow the pronunciations for >Cockney. He purposely followed the pronunciation that he heard on his >record of the show and told me that he was doing so because people wouldn't >understand that he was speaking Cockney if he followed the suggestions of >linguists. Thus, there may be set dialect standards that people teach. >People around here have a hard time watching the CBS _In the Heat of the >Night_. The accents are horrible. The accents in _Gone with the Wind_--a >movie that all real people here forgive--make the hair on my back stand up. > Honest local accents are heard on locally made advertisements: >CORRECTED VERSION [bUa fronted >horse-U)--"Bugs in your house? We get them out at Bug House." But then >these accents embarrass the locals. Don't even ask me about Leckie's >Income Tax or Tommy's Retreads. Sorry about the sloppy [kl[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]tiz]. I hope I have it right now--[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]=ash, x=schwa. Another doublet of doublets: Geoffrey of Monmouth's _Vita Merlini_ I noticed offers a twelfth-century sexist double doublet: "patriam . . . paternam"--opposed I suppose to "patriam maternam." Wayne Glowka Georgia College Milledgeville, GA 31061 wglowka[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]