Date: Sat, 28 Feb 1998 19:29:36 +0900
Subject: CD-ROM Dictionaries - report

Here is some information on CD-ROM English dictionaries that I have been
able to find. I appreciate the information which was sent. Many of
these seem to be available in MAC and Windows versions. Thomas Creswell
told me of an article he has written which seems to be the best source
of information on the subject. =20
Danny Long

Creswell, Thomas. "American Dictionaries on CD-ROM" (review article).
of English Linguistics_v. 24, no. 4, Dec. 96, p.358.

MWC10. Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, (1993)10th
ed.(CD-ROM). Merriam-Webster, Springfield, MA.

AHD3. American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language (1992). 3rd
ed. CD-ROM. Houghton Mifflin, Boston.

OED2. Oxford English Dictionary (1989). 2nd. ed. CD-ROM. Oxford
University Press, Oxford.

WNW3. Webster's New World Dictionary (1994). 3rd college ed. CD-ROM.=20
Simon and Schuster. US $15; may be ordered at:

Longman Dictionary of the English Language, on a CD-ROM called Infopedia
UK (Softkey).

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, 3rd edition, CD-ROM Natural
Language Processing version, must apply for usage,

Longman Interactive American Dictionary, CD-ROM
Longman Interactive English Dictionary , CD-ROM, info for both at

(1996) Webster's Unabridged Dictionary: Based on the Second Printed
Edition, Newly Revised and Updated. Random House. Price: US $39.95.=20
Ordering: voice phone: 1-800-733-3000 (RH warehouse in Westminster,
Md.). ISBN: 0-679-44998-1

The Chambers Dictionary, on PC CD-ROM, info at, US$34.77=20
may be ordered from

Standard Dictionary of the English Language for Windows CD-ROM The
Inductel Standard Dictionary (formerly known as the Funk & Wagnalls
Standard Desk Dictionary) US $49.95, may be ordered from

The MegaLex Macquarie Concise Dictionary, revised second edition,
CD-ROM, AU$69.95, may be ordered from

Samuel Johnson: A Dictionary of the English Language on CD-ROM Edited by
ANNE McDERMOTT, University of Birmingham, Cambridge University Press
Electronic Publishing, Price: =A3195.00 excluding VAT / $295.00, info at=20

American Heritage Talking Dictionary, 5th Edition - Compton's Home
Library - $15 info at, may be ordered

Webster's New World Dictionary & Thesaurus, US $25, may be ordered at=20
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