Date: Sun, 2 Mar 1997 11:05:26 -0600
From: Thomas Creswell creswell[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]CROWN.NET
Subject: Re: Zori redux [long]

I first encountered _zori_ in about 1950 when a friend of mind,
returning from Japan, made me a present of a pair of , I believe,
authentic woven straw _zoris_ (pl), as he and I both referred to them,
along with a pair of _tabis_, a sock- or spat-like garment to be worn
with the zoris on more formal occasions. The tabis had a pocket for the
big toe and a separate pocket for the remaining four, so that they
could be worn while wearing zoris.

For many years thereafter, my Chicago friends and family wore zoris,
locally available in the Chicago area, and with plastic or rubber soles,
to the beach, around the house, and even doing local shopping.

So, if _zori_ is actually a California regionalism, I and my friends and
family represent a Middlewestern anomaly. I am not sure, but I believe
the footwear was sometimes advertised in the Chicago area as zoris, or
ar least so identified on signage in the stores, such as Walgreen
drugstores, where they were mass-marketed in the early fifties.

If there were ads, as I think there were, or references to zoris in
print at that time,, they were pre-Nexis and would not show up in your