Date: Tue, 3 Mar 1998 01:35:06 EST
Subject: Re: Mellon Grant

First, I'd type in "slang" and "etymology" and "jargon" and "dialect." Not
only do you get these articles, but you get relevant parts of otherwise
unrelated articles. Only with a computer can you get that sentence or
paragraph that really matters.

I looked over the JSTOR journals, and they're somewhat dull. "Sooner" and
"Boomer" should be in a "history" periodical, and I'm interested in that. As
you know, I'm doing business words, and there are tons to look up, from "P/E
ratio" to "right to work" to "closed shop" to "depression mentality" to "dead-
cat bounce" to "Wobblies" to "walks like a duck." For the political journals,
I'd get SAFIRE'S NEW POLITICAL DICTIONARY and re-check every entry.

I've decided to go through the entire WALL STREET JOURNAL. Is there any plan
to computerize the back issues of that as well? (It'll probably happen after
I spend a year on it.)

--Barry Popik