Date: Thu, 5 Mar 1998 14:59:42 -0600
Subject: Re: Fred Cassidy

Dear Allan,
As soon as Fred picked up the phone, I knew it would not be a good idea to
ask him to go to Las Vegas. His speech was more slurred than it has been
the last few times I've called, and I actually had to remind him who Tom
was. Once he remembered, he said the appropriate things, but I think we
would risk putting him in a very embarrassing situation if we asked him to
go. I did mention that there would be a service, and said it wasn't exactly
close to him, and he quickly agreed that it was not close at all. I'm
afraid that his public speaking days may be over. Maybe I was too
optimistic after the last times I spoke with him, or maybe this is just a
good illustration of how variable things can be; it was pretty distressing,
though, today.

Did Rudy Troike know Tom? Tucson is further away than Scottsdale, but
perhaps he would be willing to go and represent ADS.