Date: Fri, 6 Mar 1998 11:29:49 CST
From: Ellen Johnson Ellen.Johnson[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]WKU.EDU
Subject: Re[2]: Ms.

I will have to sadly agree that Ms. seems to have been reinterpreted in the
South as described. It is discouraging to go into local elementary schools
where teachers have wooden signs with their names hanging outside their doors
and see that they are almost all Miss or Mrs. I'd be willing to bet that the
few Ms's are indeed divorced.

I remember being pleased when I was married and kept my maiden name that one of
my professosrs (NOT a Southerner), who referred to students as Mr., Miss, or
Mrs., would now have to resort to Ms, since neither Miss Johnson nor Mrs.
Johnson would be logical. I feel that people are prying into my personal life
when they ask me if I am Miss, Mrs, or Ms and I have to say I get some pleasure
out of being able to say "Dr" to these people without divulging my marital

ellen.johnson[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]