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1. Ring around the rosie(s) (6)
2. wife-beaters
3. Dialect geography (WAS: GREASY/GREAZY)
4. Accent Reduction Therapy - Yoruba (4)
5. standardization of non-standard forms (2)
6. "A prosecutor could indict a ham sandwich"
7. Dialect Discrimination
8. More about ham sandwiches
9. Ole Ole Olson, etc (2)
10. Looking for Informants (2)
11. almost-malaprops
12. your dad
13. interesting stuff here
14. On caring less


Date: Wed, 11 Mar 1998 21:53:11 -0800
Subject: Re: Ring around the rosie(s)

Beverly Flannigan wrote:

And while we're on games (a new thread?), does anybody recall "Antie I
over" (sp?)? We played it (throwing a ball over the house and then running
around to tag people), but I have no idea where the phrase came from. (I
think I looked it up in DARE once but can't recall whether the words were
explained or not.) Ditto with "Allie allie in/oxen free"--why these words?

In Northern Ontario, mid 1950s, we played "eevie, ivy over" throwing a ball
over the house, etc. Also, whoever was "it" in Hide-and-Go-Seek (not hide
and seek as I have heard often in the years since) would call "allie allie
out's and free!" I, too, have no idea where these phrases came from. Just
swell memories of summer evenings that lasted until 10 o'clock or so, and
the long gone joy of wooden screen doors."Here, you kids - don't slam that
slam! door!"
Devon Coles
dcoles[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]horizon.bc.ca