Date: Tue, 17 Mar 1998 10:30:49 -0500
Subject: mebos PS

My apologies if I have already posted this postscript. When I quoted a South
African (children's?) song in English using
this word, a week or so ago, I didn't remember any clues as to whether the song
was originally in English or was
translated, presumably from Afrikaans. Continuing to reminisce over the next few
days, I recalled that the verse I
remembered was followed by a verse in Afrikaans, in which I could make out
enough to be pretty confident that it was
the equivalent, so the song evidently *was* originally in Afrikaans. (Oh, I
suppose it *could* have been written in English,
and translated into Afrikaans.)

Also, for correctness' sake: I quoted the English verse with the word
"tuppence". I'm pretty sure it was "thruppence".

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