Date: Thu, 19 Mar 1998 05:29:39 +0300
From: USIS Vladivostok usisvlad[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]ONLINE.RU
Subject: Sources for audio tapes of American regional dialects

Dear All,

Could anybody help me locate sources of American regional dialects
audio/video tapes? I am the librarian at the United States Information
Service in Vladivostok, Russia. Professors from a local university asked me
to help locate and, maybe, acquire tapes for their American dialects
classes. I am interested both in commercial vendors and language lab
collections that could be bought/shared. If an official letter from the
university in question is required, that can be furnished, I guess.

Could you please write directly to me at usisvlad[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]

Thank you all in advance.

Tatiana Sidorova
Information Resources Center
USIS Vladivostok