Date: Wed, 18 Mar 1998 12:58:57 EST
Subject: Re: Fargo

An excellent resource is Jim "the Mad Monk" Crotty's _How to Talk American_
(Mariner Books, 1997). You can get it for a mere $12. See its sections on the
Midwest and Minnesota.

Warning: This is not a scholarly book. It's categorized on its own back cover
as "Humor and Trivia, Writing and Words." It has no documented citations, and
not even an index. Nor is it 100% accurate. But it will tell you what to
listen and look for. It has copious examples of vocabulary and pronunciation
of many regions and lifestyles in the whole country, with generous
explanations. A fine starting point.

(By the way, the author is on our ADS-L.)

- Allan Metcalf