Date: Wed, 18 Mar 1998 23:41:54 -0600
From: Dan Goodman dsgood[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]VISI.COM
Subject: herfers, herfs, and crawls

Subject: Re: PROPOSAL: alt.smokers.herfers
Newsgroups: alt.config

In article slrn6h16a8.q37.grobe+news[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] ,
grobe+news[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] says...
In article 890254796[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] , J.R. Steele wrote:
Posting of non-commercial discussion related to the enjoyment of
cigars in the company of fellow smokers.
This is to be an unmoderated newsgroup, however, unrelated
postings and advertising will be discouraged.

alt.smokers.cigars already existsx

Yes, but the main purpose for this group is for the discussion
related to Herfs (gatherings in clubs, bars and homes on a local
or national level for cigar smoking). This will reduce the
traffic on ASC. Out of 1850 posts to ASC in the past 6 days,
approximately 140 posts have related to Herfs or Crawls
(gatherings for cigar smoking/discussion where attendees make the
rounds of the local bars, clubs, restaurants, cigar retailers and
cigar factories).
J.R. Steele
"Oops....gotta go, the UPSidor is here!"