Date: Fri, 20 Mar 1998 11:10:54 -0500
From: "Dennis R. Preston" preston[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]PILOT.MSU.EDU
Subject: Re: "bored of"

Perception may be fickle, but, unless you are a ding-an-sicher (and have
uncanny access to those dingen), it's all we've got.


I am 29 years old, grew up in Edmonton, Alberta (now studying
linguistics), and grew up using this phrase, "bored of". I had no
idea it was considered incorrect usage by some, and have never heard
it questioned, even when I trained and worked as a textbook editor in
the West. (it never came up in any books we worked on, though!)

What is the phrase considered to be correct? Is it "bored with"?
(I have also heard this possibility, but it always sounded snobby to
me. Perception is a fickle thing. I have never had occasion to look it
up, although now I will.)

- jane spalding- jamieson
student, University of Prince Edward Island, Canada

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