Date: Sun, 22 Mar 1998 10:28:37 -0600
From: Thomas Creswell creswell[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]CROWN.NET
Subject: Re: TV Dialogue standards

Please do post the "Language Restrictions." I cannot imagine that the great
majority of ADS-L subscribers would be offended. If there are one or two who
wish some words would go away, they all have delete buttons on their PC's.

"Tittitainment," is almost certainly a blend or portmanteau word with the
elements "Tit," or perhaps "titty," and "entertainment. The message is that TV
shows with plenty of cleavage or bared breasts will certainly occupy the
attention of unemployed males. As a matter of fact, such shows already do
occupy the attention of not only unemployed males, but of many who are

Ross Chambers wrote:

When working as a dialogue editor on a film made in New Zealand, and=20
produced by Universal Studios Los Angeles ("The Frighteners") I was=20
supplied with Universal's "Television and Airline Restrictions" list=20
which describes visual and language items which must be modified to=20
allow sale to these two American markets.

I believe that subscribers may find the "Language Restrictions" of=20
interest--however, by definition, there are a number of profanities=20

So...I'll pause for a couple of days, during which time please advise me=20
if this post would be inappropriate (there's nothing included that you=20
won't hear in theatrical exhibition!)

As well I'll call the post "X-rated" in the subject field, for those who=20
choose not to open it.

Pardon all the drama and titillation, I'm trying to be polite!!

(BTW what is that word "tittitainment" which I heard on the radio in=20
passing, and which seemed to be a solution offered by some LA? SF? think=20
tank to the problem of keeping the 80 percent of the population who may=20
not be working by 2020 occupied and off the streets?)

Kind regards - Ross Chambers =20
Ross Chambers Sydney Australia maelduin[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]

"L'Australia non =E8 solo agli antipodi, =E8 lontana da tutto, talora anc=
da sa stessa."

(Australia is not only at the Antipodes, she is away from everything,=20
sometimes even from herself)

Umberto Eco