Date: Mon, 23 Mar 1998 11:03:00 -0500
From: Susan-Marie Harrington sharrin[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]IUPUI.EDU
Subject: Re: "white coffee"

I grew up in NY, ordering "regular coffee," meaning coffee with milk and
sugar. My father mentioned this term on the phone last night, actually,
and I asked him some more about it, and he said that these days he
sometimes hears people ordering "regular coffee with sugar" (which he
thinks is redundant" or "regular coffee without sugar" (which he said
"isn't really a regular coffee, but they do get what they want").

Since he'd raised some lexical issues, I took the opportunity to ask him
about chaise lounges (which we prounounced to rhyme with Shays,
prounouncing the initial sound as in chocolate). While I use the term to
mean any patio furniture on which I can stretch out my legs, he uses
"lounge chair" for the folding kind and "chaise lounge" for the wrought
iron kind, or any non-folding lounge chair.

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