Date: Tue, 24 Mar 1998 01:05:15 -0600
Subject: etymologies of surnames

I received this inquiry / request from Leslie Dunkling. He does not
subscribe to ans-l at present, so please respond directly to him at

Leslie Dunkling 106407.3560[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]

He is hard at work on a book on surnames and would appreciate input asap.
I think many of you on the list know Leslie.

I wonder whether you, your friends and colleagues, or (for example)
fellow-members of the American Dialect Society, have done any research into
your own family names. I am not concerned with genealogical data, only with
onomastic research into what the names originally meant. I would very much
like to hear of any such research, especially if it concerns names that
originated in Britain. I would hope to mention it, with due
acknowledgements, in the Dictionary of Surnames I have been commissioned
to prepare for HarperCollins. The dictionary is due to be published later
this year and I shall be submitting the text in about three weeks, so there
is a certain amount of urgency.