Date: Wed, 25 Mar 1998 13:17:55 EST
Subject: Re: Banned wds

I just did my Fat-free Communication seminar this morning for 30 employees of
the Grand Hyatt Hotel in NYC. Lots of emphasis on getting clear, concise words
on the page. Many attendees had gone through academic writing. One Harvard MBA
and another from the Wharton School of Economics -- neither had ever had a
course in how to write a simple memo or business letter. Lots of confusion
about who/whom, affect/effect, where to put the commas and apostrophes. Where
are the grammar teachers of yore? People come out of graduate school, and
still can't write a correct business document! I just got a sample issue of a
training magazine. Cover letter: Our magazine is for a company like your's! If
you subscribe, we'll contact you before you expire so you won't miss any
How come (why?) are we not teaching our own language to our students?