Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 10:36:19 -0600
Subject: Re: The Appalachian Dialect: help wanted

I have responded privately to Ms. Joplin of The Living Theatre Company in
Chicago, but I also wanted to remind ADS members that copies of audiotapes
from DARE's extensive collection of recordings (made between 1965 and 1970)
may be purchased ($6.00 per side) as long as users are willing to agree to
the following conditions:

1) Tapes are for scholarly use only.
2) Identities of informants must be kept confidential.
3) Tapes may not be used for commercial purposes.
4) Tapes may not be broadcast.
5) Tapes may not be duplicated.
(Transcription of segments of the tapes for scholarly analysis is

Our index of subject categories is still in progress, but for those who are
interested in hearing the speech of a particular location, it is possible to
select tapes by looking at the Informant list in the front matter of Volume
I, where communities are named, informants are described, and presence or
absence of a taperecording is recorded in the last column.