Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 21:10:23 -0800
From: Judi Sanders jasanders[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]CSUPOMONA.EDU
Subject: Re: THIS X SUCKS

Well, this is anecdotal as well but it is a very specific memory. In 1970 (I'm
almost certain of
the date because I was a senior in high school) my boyfriend and I were shopping
in a store in the
small town where we grew up (Roseburg, Oregon). On the background music came a
Johnny Cash song that had a line like "that dirty old egg sucking dog." We were
scandalized by this and couldn't imagine that that word would be used in public.
Even though this
was obviously not a sexual context usage, we were sure it really was in some
oblique way because
that was what that word meant! That I remember this so vividly after nearly 30
years should be
evidence of the very shocking nature of this event! I'm confident that if my
high school peers were
surveyed, virtually would say the word was "obscene". Roseburg was a pretty
conservative place . .

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