Date: Fri, 14 Mar 1997 19:15:08 -0600


Subject: Re: dey teef meh quats dem

GRANT, although I am not a new subscriber, I will be unsubscribing to the

list because I will have to submit a change in address. So , Since I will

be a renewed subscriber,I decided to respond to your question number two

only--- that read:


On Mon, 10 Mar 1997, Grant Barrett wrote:

Before new subscribers can be added to the ADS List, they must meet the following

requirements. These rules go into effect immediately.

2. Explain what "Dey teef meh quats dem" means to Crucians. You automatically become a

qualified ADS-L subscriber if you offer to fund a "fact-finding" mission to the appropriate part

of the Caribbean and take at least 20 current members with you.

I'm sorry I can't offer the fact finding mission to the Carribean, but I

can offer some very good sources here in Chicago. Of course any of you

are welcome to fact find here about it in the Caribbean Academic Program

at Evanston Township High School or in my neighborhood where there are

many folks from the Caribbean. However, I might even be of some


First of all, are you sure the word is quats (kwats) and not kwati?

And the translation would be in American English ( somebody stole my last

little thing). The word kwati is in a old Jamaican Folk song however mi

nuh nua i naim. But the song goes like this:

Karri mi aki goa Linstead Maakit

notta kwati wud sel

everyboddi cum fiel-up fiel-up

notta kwati wud sel

so kwati a mien- not won likkle ting a sel

or not one penny farthing depending on who you ask.