Date: Tue, 11 Mar 1997 14:02:11 +0900


Subject: mapping dialect spread

I have a question for ADS-L about language variation. (Surprise!)

In Japan there are a lot of studies showing how linguistic features

spread from a geographical center (like a big center), or how two

linguistic features butt up against each other as they spread into the

area between two cities. The diffusion aspect comes in because data is

gathered from speakers of 3 (or 4 or 5) different age groups at each


I know of no such studies of U.S. dialects, and am planning to write (in

an upcoming article) that are practically no such studies in the U.S.

Anyone know of any I can list as exceptions to this? The article (in

Japanese) is about differences between U.S. and Japan

dialects/dialectology, and I want to use this as an example of

differences in the focus of research.

I know of some work on English dialects that is in general concerned

with the geographic and

temporal aspects of language spread. Trudgill, for example, talks about

language spread in Dialects in Contact but no details about ages of

speakers or exact locations are given there.

I recall reading OF an article several years ago that I believe was

about language spread in the midwest, say, Indiana. Does that ring a

bell with anyone? Could this have been a Timothy Frazer article? It is

rather difficult for me where I am to browse journals, so I would

appreciate any help you could offer.

Also, if you don't mind, would you respond to the list with this rather

than just to me personally. I find that that tends to prime the pump

and encourage other people to respond.


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