Date: Tue, 26 Mar 1996 10:11:59 -0500

From: Tom Creswell creswell[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]CROWN.NET

Subject: Re: Lavatory = ?

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I am surprised to learn that none of those responding to this thread use the

terms I have usd all my life. Born in 1920 and raised on south side Chicago

, for me, the hands and face washing utility in what we always called the


The dishwashing utility in the kitchen usually was referred to simply as

the SINK, the context usually making clear that it was the facility in the

kitchen--"Put the dishes in the sink, when you're finished." But we also

had the idiom "Threw everything in but the kitchen sink."Downstairs in the

basement was a LAUNDRY TUB.

The euphemisms we learned as children for excretory acts were "NUMBER 1" and

"NUMBER 2." I leave it to those of you who learned other terms to guess

which act each refers to. In the Catholic boys school I attended, we asked

permission to "Leave the room," If permission was granted we went to the

"boys bathroom .":

Tom Creswell