Date: Thu, 21 Mar 1996 09:44:39 -0400

From: "Bethany K. Dumas, U of Tennessee" dumasb[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]UTKVX.UTK.EDU

Subject: Cobbler Recipe???

On Thu, 21 Mar 1996, Rudy Troike wrote:

Another thread could be started over the precise

reference of cobbler , since last year my mother misplaced her grandmother's

recipe for cobbler, and after looking in vain through all of her cookbooks

at "cobbler" recipes, none of which resembled the original, I consulted two

of my fellow Texan faculty members, each of whom described yet totally

different objects. W"orter und Sachen studies have a long an honorable history

in our profession.

The tradition in my family is that if there is a recipe, something

actually written down on paper and followed, it cannot possibly be a

COBBLER. A cobbler is what Granny made out of fresh berries, flour, sugar,

water, butter (freshly-churned), and ? (baking soda? baking powder?) by

simply going into the kitchen and throwing bunches of those things together.

Unfortunately, the results she achieved cannot be duplicated by anyone

now living.

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