Date: Mon, 18 Mar 1996 14:20:54 -0600

From: Natalie Maynor maynor[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]RA.MSSTATE.EDU

Subject: AS Index on the Web

You can now get to the _American Speech_ index from the ADS web page

( I'm probably going to change the

exact route soon, putting the files in gopher space instead of ftp space

and having the web link go there, but that change won't change anything

about what you click on to get them. It will simply make it easier to

see the list of files (and will make them available to gopherers).

Here's an introduction that's available with the files. Alan wrote the

first part of it, and I added the list of files and blurb at the end about

garbage characters:


Thanks to former editor John Algeo, two electronic indexes to _American

Speech_ are now available.

One is an author index to Volumes 1-60 (1926-1985). It is in the same

format as the author index printed in 50.3-4 (1975), but it extends 10 years

beyond. Furthermore, being electronic, it can be searched for words in

titles, thus making it a title index too.

The other is a classified subject index to Volumes 44 (1969) - 56 (1981)

using the elaborate classification system described in NADS 14.3 (Sept 1982):

12-14. That description and the classification system are also in electronic


For indexes to more recent issues, see the comprehensive annual indexes

printed at the end of each volume.

Omitted from the electronic indexes are entries for individual words cited

in "Among the New Words" and elsewhere, even though those words are cited in

the printed annual indexes. For a complete index to "Among the New Words"

through 1991, see Algeo's _Fifty Years Among the New Words_ (Cambridge UP,

1991). For an index to other words cited, see the _Words and Phrases Index_,

available at many libraries. Otherwise, go through _American Speech_ volume

by volume, looking through the printed annual indexes.

Of course, if a word under discussion happens to be in the title of an

article, the electronic indexes will allow you to find that article by

searching for that word.

The author index 1926-85 is in four separate files:

Author index #1, anon - Ayres, 14,000 words

Author index #2, Ayres - Harder, 22,000 words

Author index #3, Haugen - Nock, 22,000 words

Author index #4, Nock - Zwicky, 20,000 words

The subject index 1969-81 amounts to 4000 words.

There is also a 1000-word introduction to the subject index, dated August

1983 (about 1000 words), and a list of subject descriptors used with the

subject index (about 2100 words). These are substantially the same as the

reports printed in NADS 14.3 (Sept 1982): 12-14.

In a January 1996 letter conveying these files, Algeo wrote:

"This project began in pre-computer days on 4x6 slips. The 'Report' file

speaks of those slips and says that subjects had been entered on them. That

was only partly true. A lot of subject classification had been done, but much

of it was done by student research assistants and needed to be checked for

accuracy and appropriateness."


filename files size description

authors1.txt 95,283 anon-Ayres

authors2.txt 138,287 Ayres-Harder

authors3.txt 134,674 Haugen-Nock

authors4.txt 128,644 Nock-Zwicky

contents 18,416 table of contents

index 22,976 index

report 5,632 description by J. Algeo

01-60 3k-16k each volumes 1 - 60


Although some of the files have picked up stray characters and other

problems in their movement through various computers to reach this

archive, all are readable. The ones with the most problems are

authors3.txt, authors4.txt, 01, 02, 06, 07, 14, 15, 19.

--Natalie (maynor[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]

P.S. The zipped file is still available via ftp from in

pub/archives/ADS/Files. The zipped version is of the files as they arrived

here -- before I pulled them all into Wordperfect and resaved them in ASCII

to get rid of some of the stray characters. But they'll be readable even

without that minor cleanup job.