Date: Thu, 14 Mar 1996 14:21:44 -0700

From: bruce dwight bolinging bboling[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]UNM.EDU

Subject: Re: Thursday next, etc.

Here are a couple of quite acceptable sentences in Mid-Ulster/Ulster

Scots that might be of interest to you in the light of your reply to my


(1) he come back Thursday week "he came back a week ago Thursday"

(2) he come back last Thursday week "he came back a week ago last


These pattern with the sentence: I recived your letter this day

munth "I received your letter a month ago today." With this compare:

I'm away to Amerikay this day month "I'm off to America a month from today."

In asking my question I was simply concerned to know whether

Southern American English might have lost the retrospective meaning of

such phrases in favor of the prospective

Bruce D. Boling

University of New Mexico