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Subject: Interesting plays on "Ford"

While you may or may not wish to attend to the call for support herein,

I could not resist forwarding this, as otherwise you might miss out on the

interesting linguistic plays (multilingual even) on the auto name Ford .

Will there be a Ford in your future?

--Rudy Troike (rtroike[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]

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Mexican Ford workers solicit your support in their battle against

low wages.

1996 is a negotiations year between Ford Motor Co. and its workers

in three plants; Chihuahua, Hermosillo and Cuautitlan.


Presently, wage negotiations are taking place in Mexico for the

Chihuahua and Hermosillo plants. Cuautitlan plant negotiations are

scheduled for the month of March.

The negotiations in Chihuahua scheduled to be resolved by the end

of January, concluded on Tuesday, February 27, after two

extensions. while negotiations are taking place concurrently with

the Hermosillo plant workers representatives.

The negotiations for Chihuahua got idled when FORD offered a total

of 15% wage increase against the workers demand of 30%.

In the last five years, thousands of Brazilian auto workers were

forced to strike twice in order to obtain higher wage increases

than what FORD offered. The FORD workers in England recently came

out of a bitter strike where the main issue was a wage increase

compatible to England's current cost of living.

Labor leaders in Chihuahua say they were ready to strike if the

gap did not narrow. The final compromise was of a 25% wage

increase. Mexico suffers presently from a 50% average inflation

rate. The price of the basic goods basket is predicted to rise by

over 74%. The basic goods basket includes consumer goods and

services that are all but indispensable to most of the population.

The UAW in the United States and the CAW in Canada, are scheduled

to hold wage and contract negotiations with Ford and the other two

auto makers this year as well.

Although Ford has increased its investment in Mexican facilities

in recent years resulting in sizable profits due to cheaper cost

of labor and production, it consistently follows the Mexican

government austerity program by keeping wages way bellow current

cost of living.

"FORD" is a four letter word: The feelings of Ford workers in

several countries have been clearly expressed against their

employer by rewriting the company's logo illustrating Ford's place

in their communities.

Workers in Brazil rewrote the Ford logo to "FOME" which means

"hunger" in portuguese, when in 1991 fought against an 11%

increase proposal at a time when the country suffered an inflation

rate of 1000% plus. English Ford workers have spelled out their

anger by writing "F---" within the famous blue and silver oval. In

the United States, Ford auto workers have qualified their

company's standing in their communities by replacing "FRAUD" for

the company's name. Santos Martinez, from the Cleto Nigmo Urbina

committee spearheading the democratization movement in

Cuautitlan/Ford, says that although they may think of stronger

words, they may not fit in the small oval space, so they have to

settle for FEOS or FUCHI, which means ugly and disgusting in

spanish to depict the company and the labor relations atmosphere

Ford has created in their plant.

As it has been expressed during the anti-NAFTA activism, the

interests of the workers in the U.S. and Canada in term of better

wages and job security, are directly related to those of the

Mexican workers.

We ask you to Contact as many of the people listed below and

insist that FORD respect the human dignity of its workers by

affording them just and fair wages.

C. T. M.

C. Fidel Velazquez, Presidente Vallarta No. 8 Mexico DF. C.P.

06030 Ph-011-525-703-3112

Sindicato Nacional de Trabajadores de Ford Motor Co. Seccion

Cuautitlan M. Juarez Eudonio, Sec. Gral KM. 36.5 Autopista

Queretaro- Cuautitlan, Edo de Mexico Vallarta 8 2ndo piso Mexico,

4 DF. Ph- 011-525-326-7212, 7375, 7550, 7573 fx-011-525-326-7476

Sindicato Nacional de Trabajadores de Ford Motor Co. Juan J.

Sosa, Sec. Gral. Ncl. Kilometro 36 1/2 Carretera Mexico-Queretaro

Col. Lomas del Salitre Cuautitlan, Ixcala Edo. de Mexico

CP. 54750

ph-011-525-326-7630, 7232 fx-011-525-326-7476

Alex Trotman, CEO. Ford World Headquarters The American Road PO

Box. 1899 Dearborn, MI.48121-1899 Ph-313-322-3000 fx-313-396-2927

Ford Motors de Mexico Phillippe Mellier, Pres. Reforma 333 Sexto

Piso Col Cuauhtemoc Mexico, DF. 06500 Ph-011-525-326-6230


President Bill Clinton White House 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Washington, DC. 20500 Ph-202 456-1111 Fx-202 456-2461

Lic. Ernesto Zedillo Presidente de la Republica Palacio Nacional

06067 Mexico, DF. ph-011-525-515-3717 fx-011-525-515-8005, 5729

Fax confirmation numbers: 011-525-515-9829, 8256

NAFTA Officers: Robert Reich U.S. Sec. of Labor 200 Constitution

Ave. N.W. Washington, DC. 20210 Ph-202-219-5000 fx-202-219-7312

Lic. Javier Bonilla Garcia Sec. Fed. de Trabajo Anillo Periferico

Sur 4271 Piso 4 Fuentes del Pedregal Delegacion Tlalpan Mexico.

14140 Ph-011-525-645-9638 fx-011-525-645-5594

For more information contact


Julio Cesar Guerrero, MSW 7435 Michigan Ave Detroit, MI. 48210 Ph

313-842-6262 px313-842-0227


You may use this letter or write your own. Please send copies to:


7435 Michigan Ave, Detroit, MI. 48210 Fx-313-842-0227

I support Ford Workers fair wages:

Wage negotiations between Ford Motor Co. and its workers are

taking place in Mexico and will take place in the US and Canada

this year also.

Despite the huge profits that Ford has accrued by increasing

operations in Mexico, the company disregards the economic and most

basic needs of workers by keeping their wages low.

Ford workers in Chihuahua, Hermosillo and Cuautitlan plants more

than need, deserve your support to gain the respect from their

employer in the form of fair wages, hence dignity and decent

living for their families.

Recent strikes in Brazil and England over wages are a

manifestation of the company's insensitivity to the problem of the

real wages' actual buying power.

I urge you to use the authority in your capacity to promote fair

wages for Ford workers. It's the just thing to do!!!

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