Date: Fri, 8 Mar 1996 22:56:00 PST

From: Kim & Rima McKinzey rkm[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]SLIP.NET

Subject: Re: Inter-variety miscommunication

On inter-variety miscommunication:

I'll add a weird conversation I had in colonial Williamsberg in 1981 or

so. I was watching a silversmith making a bowl or something, and it

occurred to me that although one always heard about silversmithing in

colonial times (Paul Revere, for goodness sakes), one never heard about

silver mines. So I asked if the silver came from England. He said yes. I

then asked if it came in ingots. He said, yes, it came from England. I

said, yes, but did it come here in ingots. He looked at me as if I were

totally dense, and said again, yes, it came from England.

I finally said, does it come in blocks of silver or in already made items

that are then made into other items. Apparently, if you're interested, the

silver came in plates and trays and such and was then remade into whatever

was wanted here.