Date: Mon, 4 Mar 1996 17:19:12 EST

From: Terry Lynn Irons t.irons[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]MOREHEAD-ST.EDU

Subject: Re: Survey of e-usage

The beauty of the web is its freedom, it variety.

The need for standards derives from the attempt by one group to control

another or from the feelings of doubt and inadequacy on the part of an

emergent class. The rise of prescriptivism in grammar, whenever exactly

that occurred (18th century, perhaps earlier, for English), is the prime

example. This need has absolutely nothing to do communication:

communication proceeds despite so-called standards.

Being a variationist at heart, one who delights in different ways for

expressing the same thing, I find an attempt to define standards for

terms on the Intranet/Internet to be essentially repugnant. I might,

however, be willing to participate, if the Society endorses the project,

simply to throw my sabot into the works.

Terry Irons



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